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What you need:

 Click HERE for New Season REGISTRATION Forms Checklist

Dates: Mondays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays done on your own due to Covid-19 restrictions for in-person training.  No cost at this time.

*See Senior led practices info at the bottom.

June 1 - July 23 

Workouts for the first 2 weeks: 

Week 1: June 1, 2, and 4:

Tempo Run: June 1: (5 Miles): Beginner runners (3 Miles)

Try to find a trail or park nearby. Coordinate with friends if safe to go run together.

June 2: Interval work: (Treadmill works if no access to a track or 400 meter piece of road): 1 mile w/u, then 6-10 x 400(depending on fitness level) w/ 1 minute rest between each interval. ½ mile cool down; stretch 15 min. 

June 4: Hills/Strength: Find a hill at least 200 meters long. 1 mile ez w/u, then 6-10 repeats (depending on fitness level). Walk or ez run down hill, then 1 mile c/d. 

*** If you have access to weights/gym, start incorporating some weight training… core(abs) 3x10 repititions of squats, lunges, and bench press… very light weight… dumbbells or bar.

  • Seniors/Upperclassmen: Feel free to set up a group fun run w/ everyone on Wednesdays/Fridays… Keep it easy and fun…running at pace to hold a conversation. Get to know newcomers and help to get them adjusted and learn the routine. 
  • Beginners: Take it slow and don’t overdo it! You’re going to have minor aches and pains. Take care of yourself! … sleep right, stay hydrated, and eat after workouts to recover. And a balanced diet for lunch and dinner. Ask the seniors for help too and feel free to e-mail me @    with any questions/concerns. Hopefully by mid July we can all get together and get prepared as a “whole” group for the new season/tryouts. 



Week 2:

June 8, 9, 11:


Monday, June 8: 

Tempo run: (5 Miles) Trail if possible. Not necessary but 5 miles… ( 3 miles if a beginner) @ 75 %. Treadmill or road works too if that’s what you have to do. 


Tuesday, June 9: Intervals… 800’s… again, if no track is available, map out a ½ mile on road (or) treadmill and do 6-8 (800’’s) depending on fitness level… with 2 minutes walking rest in between. 


Thursday, June 11: Weights/Hills: Find “That Hill”… 400 meters, and do 6-10 repeats, with 1 mile warm-up, and 1 mile cool down. Easy jog down hill, then repeat. 

Weights: if possible: 3x10 squats, lunges, bench press, and core. 

Very light weight. Be aware of minor aches and pains and ice, stretch accordingly. 


*Senior led practices may be held on Tuesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays but are non-mandatory and are only additional opportunities to train with team members.  There is a group text that is created by the Captains. 



  • Stay Hydrated: Make sure you are drinking fluids with electrolytes in it ALL day. Gatorade, water, NUUN hydration tablets w/ water. Before practice, during practice, after practice, during the day, with meals, and at night. Equal to 1 gallon of water per day. 120 oz. 
  •   Eat to fuel your body and recover:Before practice, within 1 hour after practice. Protein and carbohydrates. Examples of good protein/carbohydrates for fuel before practice (peanut butter bagel, banana, eggs). Same as after practice: eggs, sausage, peanut butter, waffles/bagel.
  • Be proactive with stretching to avoid nagging injuries: Do warm-up drills with the team properly. Stretch after practice and on your own at night and anytime you feel still. If you have a minor injury: ie: shin splints, strained muscles, tell the coaches so we can recommend proper treatment and seeing our trainer on staff. 
  • Have the proper shoes and clothing:Get fitted for proper shoes if you do not have them. This is a big factor in avoiding injury. Fleet Feet has a great staff and will fit you in the proper footwear for your unique gate if you need them. Wear proper running shorts/shirts that are cool, lightweight, and breathable to avoid chaffing and overheating. 
  • ‚Äč Please try and be on time to get the most out of the summer sessions.