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What you need to do:

#1. Upload Physical Form into Dragonfly = Click HERE for New Season REGISTRATION Forms ChecklistThe "Athlete Fee"  will be due once on the official roster, DO NOT PAY THE $250 until you've made the team (after roster is shared).

#2.  Fill out Summer Training Form and Pay $125 Fee: Click Here

#3.  Mark your calendars with dates/locations below:


Cross Country Summer Training Dates 2023


June 5 - July 27 on Mon/Tue/Thu *See Senior led practices info at the bottom.

NO PRACTICE week of July 4th (Dead Week)

Wingfoot XC Summer Camp Week 1: Sunday July 9-Friday, July 14: Those that do not go to camp will have morning practice July 10,11, and 13  This is optional but highly recommended - you will be training with some of the best XC coaches in the nation!  If you need financial assistance, email xc@northviewathletics.org.


  • Mon 7:00 am-8:15 am @  Webb Bridge Park

  • Tue/Thu 6:30 am-7:45 am @ Northview

  • Cost for summer training is $125.00 (includes Dash of Titans 5k)

  • Summer training is not mandatory but very beneficial and strongly recommended


*Senior led practices may be held on Wednesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays but are non-mandatory but highly recommended to increase endurance and are only additional opportunities to train with team members.  There is a group text that is created by the Captains. 



  • Stay Hydrated: Make sure you are drinking fluids with electrolytes in it ALL day. Gatorade, water, NUUN hydration tablets w/ water. Before practice, during practice, after practice, during the day, with meals, and at night. Equal to 1 gallon of water per day. 120 oz. 

  •   Eat to fuel your body and recover:Before practice, within 1 hour after practice. Protein and carbohydrates. Examples of good protein/carbohydrates for fuel before practice (peanut butter bagel, banana, eggs). Same as after practice: eggs, sausage, peanut butter, waffles/bagel.

  • Be proactive with stretching to avoid nagging injuries: Do warm-up drills with the team properly. Stretch after practice and on your own at night and anytime you feel still. If you have a minor injury: ie: shin splints, strained muscles, tell the coaches so we can recommend proper treatment and seeing our trainer on staff. 

  • Have the proper shoes and clothing:Get fitted for proper shoes if you do not have them. This is a big factor in avoiding injury. Fleet Feet has a great staff and will fit you in the proper footwear for your unique gate if you need them. Wear proper running shorts/shirts that are cool, lightweight, and breathable to avoid chaffing and overheating. 

  • ‚Äč Please try and be on time to get the most out of the summer sessions.