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All Start at 7:00PM unless otherwise noted - addresses will be posted to the team.

Please keep in mind that the Pasta Party is for the athletes only and usually lasts 1.5-2 hrs. Your food may be dropped off with your athlete.

Please check the list below and let our pasta party coordinator, know what you plan to send.

Nothing fancy is necessary, the kids love mac and cheese, pasta with Alfredo sauce (always the first to go), and spaghetti with meat sauce/meatballs. Anything that your athlete loves will be great! Please also be sure to label your containers so they will come home.


8 volunteers to donate
Pasta dishes 
(large enough to serve 6-8 people)

5 volunteers to donate
Fresh Salads or Fruit 
(large enough to serve 6-8 people)

4 volunteers to donate
2 loaves of garlic bread

5 volunteers to donate
(large enough to serve -8 people - Brownies, cookies etc)


5 volunteers to donate

2 Gallon Drinks (Lemonade, Tea, Gatorade)


2 volunteers to donate

24 bottles of water

Got questions?  Email XC@NorthviewAthletics.org