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XC Titans have a place to view and upload event & meet photos!  
You can also order reprints of your favorites through Shutterfly.


If you have questions about the photo share sight or if you'd like to volunteer to take pictures at one of our upcoming meets, please contact NorthviewTitansXC@gmail.com 


To upload pictures

  1. Go to the Shutterfly site: Click HERE
  2. Click on “Pictures and Videos” in the top bar. 
  3. Scroll until you see the Race or Event you would like to upload (for example “Atlanta Classic”).
  4. For the desired album, move your mouse over the word “Actions,” point to “Add Pictures” and click.
  5. You will need to register on the site to be able to upload.  If you are already registered, enter your email address, and password.  If you have not previously registered, you will want to sign up by entering your email address, and a password of your choosing.
  6. A popup will appear.  Click on the “Upload” tab.  Make sure that you select the name of the album to which you want to upload.  
  7. Then click on “Choose Files” to locate your pictures on your computer.  You can then select as many pictures as you want to upload.